From logo to ...

To present yourself as a company on the internet you can distinguish several steps or processes. First you will have to choose a name and/or logo. Than you have to decide about a domainname where to place your website and take care of the reservation of that domainname. When the first setup has been made for the design and the interior and menu-controls of the site, the building of the site can begin. Taking into account all the wishes and demands that are recorded, the final website can take its shape.

WEBland can take care of the complete proces. The next steps can be distinguished :

- the name and logo to be used of the company or organisation on the internet
- register the domainname
- record the goal or purpose of the website
- draw up a list of all the demands regarding the website (along others purpose,   visitorprofile and the message)
- set up the design and interior of the site regarding the list of demands
- building of the site after the customer has given its approval
- testing the site
- register the site within the search-engines on the internet, promotion of the site
- drawing up of a maintanance-contract