Company profile

WEBland started up in 1997 en exists more than eight years at the moment. In the start-up period of the internet there were mainly larger company and organisations that were ready to conquer the internet. As the years went by also the smaller and medium sized companies were ready for the jump. A website and a connection to the internet are now much cheaper and has more possibilities than in the early years of the internet.

At the WEBland company is much knowledge available about image-handling and design on the website. Also knowledge of businessprocesses is available at WEBland. Many years export-, planning- and automationexperience within the agricultural business are present within WEBland. WEBland has build websites for several companies and hereby has used many techniques within the designproces. On the next pages of this site you can jugde for yourself what the outcome is of this all. 

Besides pictures and design it is also of great importance to set up the website focussed on the future-visitor of the site. A good analyses of the profile of the visitor of the site is very important. Besides this WEBland can design your site in many languages.