.. Website

The final website can be seen as a presentation of the content, whereby the next aspects can be distinguished :

Design as an integral part of the presentation

Interior of the site or the menucontrols as a part of the presentation 

The demanded skill is to present the content in such a way , that as efficient as possible the outmost effectiveness can be reached. Efficient will say : with as less resources as possbile. Effective means : the way in which the goals set are reached. The most important is that the goals that are set in the startup fase of the total proces are reached in the end. The message that is in the website must be transmitted to the visitor of the site ! 

Beside the presentation of the content, it is also of great importance to design the interior of the website with the focus on the future visitor of the site. A good analyses of the visitors profile is crucial. 

WEBland is capable to design the site in such a way that the final site is well suited to send over the initial message to the visitor aimed for.

Besides WEBland can produce your website in many languages.